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Best Ever Muffins

One thing I like to do is google search a recipe that’s labelled as the “best” and supported by good ratings.  However, I usually don’t  follow exactly the recipe.  I make note of the reviews of other creative cooking amateurs who share their opinion and tips on how they like the recipe better.  Then I reduce the sugar as I never like my baked goods too sweet, add in ground flax if possible and then mix and match a few similar recipes.   And I am never disappointed by the final modified recipe.    In fact, since I never made the orignal recipe, is it really better than the original?

This is the link of the “best ever muffins” recipe from Allrecipes.com, yet you can compare a pretty big difference with my final version.

Best Ever Muffins Recipe – Allrecipes.com.


And here is my adaptation:


Mixed berry muffin with crunchy almond top


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