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It was my best friend’s birthday yesterday.  I wanted to cook her dinner, yet all of us agreed that it’s too chaotic to cook at home while I’m with the newborn.  So, I invested the time to make her a cake.  I watched this TV show with a hotel pastry chef assembly a Christmas cake a few months ago.  He showed the audience the ingredients and how to assemble, yet there’s no specification of the ingredients used.  I didn’t copy the items down, but vaguely I remember it’s a layer of chocolate cake, with a layer of Belgium chocolate truffle, then with a chocolate mousse, topped with a layer of chocolate ganache.  Lastly, he put those chocolate bears / christmas trees etc, and sprinkled with icing sugar for snow effect.  How lovely!!  I have no idea what is the proper proportion of chocolate chips to whipping cream to make the truffle.  Searched a few similar recipes and they are so different.  I used my gut feeling and glad I liked the texture of what I made.  I used white chocolate for the mousse because it looks better, and most importantly to finished up the leftover white chocolate chips from making cookies!  Raspberry coulis pairs well with chocolate (that’s the only frozen fruits in my freezer, so end up I didn’t buy any ingredients to make this cake).

White Chocolate Mousse Dark Chocolate Truffle Cake


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