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Edible Flowers

I always wanted to buy some edible flowers to add to my desserts / dishes.  Finally with this year’s more frequent visits to local farmer’s market, I bought my first batch of edible flowers.  Um.. would I buy it again?  may be not, just because it doesn’t taste good.  It has that weird peppery taste that I can’t even add to my salad..  anyways, it does make a cheesecake look nicer and it’s great for photoshoot.


a link to what flowers are edible.  Well, thinking of it, the rosemary bushes in my neightbour houses blossom for a couple weeks every year, same with other herbs.. their flowers must be edible eventhough they aren’t pretty like the orange / yellow nasturtium as on my cheesecake.

Edible flowers from Trout Lake Farmer's Market

Edible flowers from Trout Lake Farmer’s Market

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Finally I can make use of the bubble waffle maker that my brother brought for me all the way from Asia.  I always make western waffles for sunday brunch, but the crispiness of the outer bubble waffles and the softness inside like a cake makes these more superior than a regular waffle. Even though my first trial of making these waffles was not very successful due to technical inexperience, the taste of the batter was pretty good, very close to the ones you can buy outside.  Especially the last 2 waffles was inspired by the local Bubble Queen cafe, which I added black sesame powder to enhance the flavor.  You need to master the heat setting, the cooking time, and the amount of batter needed to fill up the mold in order to make the perfect bubble waffles!!

The perfect bubble waffles should be crispy outside and soft and airy inside.

The perfect bubble waffles should be crispy outside and soft and airy inside.


  • 120 gm all purpouse flour
  • 20 gm custard powder (first trial was 15 gm, but a friend suggested more custard powder)
  • 30 gm corn starch
  • 1+1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 2 eggs
  • 110 gm sugar
  • 55 gm evaporated milk (I used 25 gm skim milk powder + 30 gm water)
  • 150 gm water (or a little bit more if you think the batter is too thick after trying a couple batches on the fire)
  • 1-2 tbsp oil
  • (will try to add 1/4 tsp of baking soda next time to see if it will increase crispiness – the ones were okay crispy already, but only when it’s freshly cooked and crispiness goes down quick after 4-5 mins )


  1. Sift all the dry powders / flour into a bowl.
  2. Beat eggs and sugar together, then beat in evaporated milk till well mixed.
  3. Add in flour mixture and water alternatively into the egg mixture.  Add the oil last and leave the batter for 1 hour.
  4. Use medium fire to heat both sides of the bubble waffle molds.  Brush a layer of oil onto the molds.
  5. Pour batter all the way to the bottom mold (most recipes would say only 80% full).  Lock with the top mold then flip, and cook for 1-2 mins. Cook the other side for another minute and use a fork to check if it’s done.
  6. Lift from the mold using a fork and let cool for a couple minutes on a rack so the outside of the waffle would be crispy.  Serve immediately.

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