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Don’t expect an extremely creamy texture of this ice cream.  Because blueberries contains lots of water itself, I don’t know how to reduce the icy texture when using blueberry as the main ingredient, except wiping the washed blueberry drier.

Re-challenged: Sept 4, 2016.   The texture of the ice cream was improved A LOT, less slushy because I tried to reduce liquid contents.  Still, may be I should replace maple syrup with just sugar to make it even better.  Recipe below has been updated to reflect improvement.

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I highly recommend the cookbook Flour by Joanne Chang, a beard award winner opened her successful bakeries in Boston.  It was inspiring just to read her story how she got into pastry.

This recipe really caught my eyes, so I’m determined to try it.  I followed almost everything except the methods (I modified slightly), and I reduced the diameter of the cookies (thus more cookies generated) and used only 1/3-1/2 of the vanilla cream filling as I never like stuff too sweet.  The author said her customers were crazy about these cookies and even her own mother approves and requested them whenever she visited.  I made a batch, really rich and intense as stated in the book.  I won’t play with the cookie base, but the cream filling is the part you can play around with flavors. I’m thinking next time could be orange zest + orange oil, or lemon zest too, or whatever flavor fits well with dark chocolate.




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Adapted from Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones Cookbook from Bi-Rite Creamery (from San Francisco)

The ingredients are from the book except reducing quite a bit of sugar because I reduced by 4 gm and still sweet. Second time I made it I used 80 gm sugar.  Third time (Jun 2017) I made with only 68 gm of sugar and the sweetness is more acceptable and the texture is comparable to the first time I had it.  Also I modified the methods of mixing the ingredients.  Anyways, it produces crispy and thin, amazing cones that you can make at home if you have the waffle cone maker / egg roll presser.

I tried first two cones using the book’s method of baking in oven after spreading with an offset spatula (at 350 degrees C for 6-7 mins).  Total failure as it’s hard to spread the batter evenly to begin with, then after  7 minutes bake time you get very uneven spots due to different thickness and parts of it aren’t even cooked.

So the remaining cones I quickly digged out my ice cream waffle cone maker.  I tucked away since first use as the manufacturer’s original recipe I tried was HORRIBLE..  the cones I made are thick and hard.  I didn’t enjoy it and had to chuck 1/2 away since it’s sitting in ziplock bag for over 1 week untouched.  So I thought it’s the machine problem that makes thick pizzelles.

The 6 cones I made from this recipe using the same waffle cone maker WERE DELICIOUS!!  It was thin, crispy, and light that has a different texture (I personally thinks better) from the ones I buy from store / eat at an ice cream palour.



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