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Two years ago I made Sheep German Cookies to celebrate year of Ram.  So this year seeing people posting the cute chicken pictures, I have to join the fun.  The recipe I saw people sharing is the same one that I used 2 years ago.  So I guess base is the same, just people’s creativity gets better.

I had to bake these at my friend’s house as I had a dinner party to attend and my dough is getting so dry that I find it’s harder and harder to stick embellishments on when time passes.  So I don’t want to leave dough for another 4 extra hrs.  It’s a small intimate party so I was still busy rolling and sticking stuff onto the dough while my ears are still listening to my friends’ chatting.  After the car ride back home, the baked roosters were like out of the coop and flying everywhere.  I love this picture the most:


adapted from:  http://rasamalaysia.com/melting-moments-cookies/2/


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I got a big slice of turkey breast to take home from the new year’s eve party.  I was going to just make turkey pot pie, which is simpler with only a top crust to put over the turkey meat mixture.

I always wanted to try making Hong Kong style chicken pie at home.  The crust is melt-in-your-mouth type of texture and sweeter than just a traditional pie.  I like it better than the western flaky pie as it’s is crunchy and crispy yet melt in the mouth.  Buying it from bakery has been my only option, but I think the filling is always quite little with relatively thick crust.  Making my own can control the thickness of the crust and the contents of the meat mixture (I use mushroom / edamame / corn, which is nicer than just frozen vegetable mix).

My first trial is quite a success (I think, haha).  Taste is comparable to those bought from bakery, thanks to this good recipe by Chef Chu’s Kitchen (a PDF in chinese).  I modified the recipe by reducing sugar by 25% and change from just white sugar to icing sugar to make it more melt-in-your-mouth, and cut some cream / salt and then add more vegetables to make it tiny bit more nutritious.  I elaborated more on the procedures too, since I know my friends W and M from the new year’s eve party were drooling when I showed them how I made used of the leftover turkey =)


More filling with thinner crust than bakery, yet there are still a good portion of crunchy, melt in your mouth crust for each pie.


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