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Panda Bread

“My Name is Panda, how do you do?

I live in China, I eat bamboo

I love to eat honey, up in the tree.

I have no color, just black and white. ”

This is my daughter’s favorite song.  Even though she doesn’t like to eat my bread normally, I know she cannot resist my attempted panda loaf.


First two slices quite successful


I failed badly the first attempt. Second attempt better because I calculated more carefully (but still cannot trust the portion size of each dough in original recipe because simply multiplication from her pan size to my longer pan size had last time yield a very dense bread which doesn’t make sense), but I used the wrong recipe. It’s super soft, which means it doesn’t stay the defined straight sides after baking and ends up the top collapsed in the middle and I got a green pikachu 😦

Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to my third attempt in near future with using a more stable loaf recipe and hopefully I get more slices of good looking panda.


And the rest of them so evil looking



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