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I tried to look for the recipe that my friend Lolo sent me.  Last year when I was still pregnant, Shon caught a female salmon with lots of roe.  I have no idea what to do with the roes except he always use Borax to color the roes to make baits as next year.  Then Lolo called and asked to reserve roes to make japanese food.  I didn’t get to taste hers since I avoided raw food at that time.

Now I’m able to eat all kinds of raw stuff, of course I’m gonna make a batch of Ikura too using Shon’s fresh catch.  Lolo sent me some links, and explaining there were two kinds. The one using just salt is the kind you will eat at japanese restaurant.  It’s brighter nicer red color.


I always like more complex taste, so I would rather try the soy + sake + mirin.  Now I lost the recipe, will bug Lolo to send me again. I just found this site but it doesn’t have mirin..


Freshly caught female salmon - lots of roes

Freshly caught female salmon – lots of roes

Pour some 60 to 65 degrees Celsius water into the bowl and let it sit for a few minutes until the membrane is "cooked" and the roes turn opaque  color.  Use a chopstick to help swirling.  Use hands to gently remove pieces of the sac

Pour some 60 to 65 degrees Celsius water into the bowl and let it sit for a few minutes until the membrane is “cooked” and the roes turn opaque color. Use a chopstick to swirl and take the sac out. Use hands to gently separate the  little pieces of sac from the roes.


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Baked Tarragon Salmon

Wilson, Happy Birthday!!!  I can’t believe it was last year same time that I made you this meal.  It’s funny that you asked me today for the recipes and wanted to re-create the same dish this year.

I think it was trout that I made this dish with at your birthday last year.  It’s beside the salmon in Costco, or you can go to any supermarket to get a big piece of fillet of trout (but I wasn’t sure if it’s rainbow trout)  Trout also has orange flesh but has more fat yet less salmon taste.  Sockeye is very lean, but more salmon taste..  I just made this dish with sockeye salmon a few days ago and it tasted fine too.  So shouldn’t matter as long as you bake the fish perfectly.


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Cilantro Catfish

It’s time to cook the frozen catfish filet in my freezer.  I looked through my cookbooks and found there’s only 2-3 recipes of catfish dishes.   Catfish must have a strong taste as the recipes call for either a salsa sauce or a cajun seasoning, even with some buttermilk coated-deepfrying.  I always like to cook fish with simple marinade and easy method, so I based tonight’s recipe from a Costco recipe that uses orange juice, vegetable oil, soy, lemon juice, and garlic clove.  I think changing vegetable oil to sesame oil, adding ginger, wine, and ground white pepper, and lots of cilantro will be a refreshing way to cover up the catfish taste.

Catfish with ginger cilantro


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Ahi Tuna in citrus sauce

This recipe looks good (even the author did not post any pictures), so I just did 2-3 changes to the recipe (adding ginger and sake to make it more flavored).  It turned out great and matched nicely with the ahi tuna steaks.  Here’s the orginal:

Seared Sesame Encrusted Ahi Tuna With A Cilantro, Garlic And Lime Sauce.. By Ralph Serpe At Isnare.com Ezine Articles.

My adapted version: (this portion for 4 people)

Ahi Tuna in Lime-soy sauce


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Fresh Dill Salmon

Dill pairs great with salmon and potatoes, however I haven’t cooked salmon and potatoes for a long time.  The dill just got neglected and grew taller and taller until it got burned by the aerogarden lamp.

I bought a salmon steak this week just because I wanted to use some dill.   I just threw in whatever should match with the fish.  It’s probably one of the plainest yet very yummy way to cook salmon.

Salmon with Fresh Dill and Lemon



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Black Cod (or sablefish) has been my most favorite fish when I dine out at restaurant.  At $30 minimum for an entree, it’s more economical to cook this fish at home.  The most common is the famous miso marinade that matches perfectly with the fish.  I tried this recipe and loved it too.

Black cod with mushroom pilaf


This is my version.  Use the sauce as marinade instead of spooning them after cooking the cod so the fish has more flavor.  Using rice cooker to cook rice and the shitake mushrooms at the same time to reduce pots and cooking time.

See original at Epicurious.com.

Alaskan Black Cod with Hoisin and Ginger Sauces Recipe at Epicurious.com.


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Ahi Tuna

After listening to Chef Alex from radio about a supermarket in Washington that sells inexpensive grocery, I visited this store on Black Friday this year.

It was truly a paradise for me.  I was so excited during my short visit at this grocery supermarket.  Many items are way cheaper than in Vancouver, especially cheese product.  It was recommended to buy dairy products and fish there.  Thus I bought two Ahi Tuna steaks (they are so cheap, you won’t believe it).  It’s my first time ever making Ahi Tuna.  I made the first steak with a Japanese taste.  Hopefully I will find another recipe to make the second steak that’s still sitting in my freezer.

Ahi Tuna in green onion wasabi sauce


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