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Baked BBQ Ribs

My young brother asked me how to make ribs.  He sent me 3 messages, so I think it must be urgent that he wants to make homemade ribs this week.

You need to have a large baking sheet, aluminum foil, and a brush (mine is a silicon, you get get it as cheap as $1 from dollarstore).


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I mentioned a couple times about making use of the rice cooker steamer.  It’s truly the best way if you are crunch for time or if you are lazy like me to avoid washing another pot and wasting time to boil a pot of water.  Just be aware that since you have no control of steaming time, please don’t have expectation of restaurant quality food.

The power steam portion of rice cooking is only 8-10 minutes, which is perfect to cook about one pound of ground pork.  Remember to add corn starch and water when you marinade.  This will ensure pork is soft and not tough and dry.

Ground Pork with duck egg


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My dad loves eating roasted pork belly.  There is a really good store selling them on E 49th Ave and Elliott Street.  Their crispy pork skin is unbeatable.  Then today we finally tried buying from another famous one in Richmond (inside Parker Place).  Both stores are good, but most importantly is to figure out which part of the roasted pork taste the best.

This is a little dipping sauce that I tried from a famous HK restaurant.  I don’t know what else they put in, but it should be more or less like this:

Mix Japanese wasabi and honey or Maple Syrup.  Whatever portion you like, around 1:2 and adjust to your preference.

I did mine tonight with mixing wasabi + honey + maple syrup 1:1:1.

Roast pork with wasabi sweet sauce

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I always like to buy pork tenderloins.  I did them with apples, cranberries, even with spinach and puff pastry, yet still cannot find the best recipe to cook them extremely tender and juicy.

I saw pretty good review about this recipe:

Pork Tenderloin with Mustard Sauce Recipe – Allrecipes.com.

I tried it with quite a lot of adjustments,  afterall I would give the recipe “70%”.   Guess I have to keep hunting for my most favorite (or my dear friends, can you share your most favorite tenderloin recipe with me?!)

I never waste: thus I’m using leftover marinade to make a side dish of mushrooms.  Just pop everything in the oven, and dinner’s done!

Pork tenderloin with mustard sauce


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