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Here you can put the pulled sugar decoration on a freshly baked apple tart, then served it with vanilla ice cream.  The crunchy sugar along with the warm apple and cold ice cream is a heavenly 5-star dessert that will definitely blow your guests away.

Apple Almond Tart


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There is a whole almond inside each of these lovely chocolates.  It tastes so good that I usually cannot stop eating them.  It was originally made by my mother-in-law and of course I have to duplicate them so my husband can eat them in Vancouver.

It’s one of the hardest cookies I had ever made.  The recipe sucks as it is extremely vague without baking time and no details on how much dough to wrap the almond and how to shape the almond.  I overcooked some cookies at first trial and I undercooked the almonds the second time.  If it’s not my husband helped his mom before on making the cookies, there’s no way I can produce similar quality based on this recipe.

It involves 2 days, 2 pairs of hands (I can never made it on my own, each time needed my husband’s assistance), and worst it yields not too many.  Eventhough I only made it twice, I am confident I will perfect it so it can be flawless one day.

Almond chocolate shortbreads

If you are lucky enough to have these chocolates from us, please chew them slowly and feel our LOVE…

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A very good recipe of almond cookies from my mother-in-law.  I’m still fine-tuning the recipe as my cookies are never as good as hers…

Almond cookies


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Best Ever Muffins

One thing I like to do is google search a recipe that’s labelled as the “best” and supported by good ratings.  However, I usually don’t  follow exactly the recipe.  I make note of the reviews of other creative cooking amateurs who share their opinion and tips on how they like the recipe better.  Then I reduce the sugar as I never like my baked goods too sweet, add in ground flax if possible and then mix and match a few similar recipes.   And I am never disappointed by the final modified recipe.    In fact, since I never made the orignal recipe, is it really better than the original?

This is the link of the “best ever muffins” recipe from Allrecipes.com, yet you can compare a pretty big difference with my final version.

Best Ever Muffins Recipe – Allrecipes.com.


And here is my adaptation:


Mixed berry muffin with crunchy almond top


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