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I’m always cheating when I make chocolate cakes.  Imagine I have to think of what mousse to match the cake base with, what icing to use for the cupcakes, and I have to make the chocolate cake from scratch?!!  Chocolate cake mix has a mild artificial taste, thus I have to cover the taste up carefully with delicious icing.  I have been using mayonnaise everytime I’m using a box of cake mix.

Super Moist Chocolate Mayo Cake Recipe – Food.com – 94886.

This recipe was originally from Hellmanns’ website (but somehow hellmann’s website doesn’t allow direct link to their recipe:    http://www.hellmanns.us/recipe_detail.aspx?RecipeID=8241&Version=1    )

Only sky is the limit when you make a cake.  You can top with toated nuts (I love sliced almonds), toasted shredded unsweetened coconut), fresh fruits, chocolate curls.  I like to surprise guests by throwing in jelly pieces inside.  I would like to share a tasty whipped cream to ice the chocolate cake with.

chocolate cake with coffee icing


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