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I don’t have to cook for next week, and now there is only 1 head of cauliflower in my fridge.  I gave up the idea of making clam chowder today and decided to use up what I have.  Since I’m so cramped for time, I also decided not to make crab cakes.  Then what to do with the 400gm tub of crab meat?  Why not combining the two together.  The soup is extremely creamy without needing any cream.  I added just some 1% milk (like 1/3 cup) at the end as I don’ think my mom can finish the 3 L milk in her home.

Yes, I’m carrying all the pots and ingredients to have lunch at my mom’s house today.  I still remember the days I carried 7-8 bags of ingredients and kitchen gadgets to my boyfriend’s house (now my husband) just to make one meal.  Now I’m carrying stuff back to my parent’s house… LOL

crab and cauliflower soup


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