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I tried so many different muffin recipes in past few years. some use plain yogurt and some use sour cream, some needs mixing of butter and sugar with a mixer first.  I finally settle with my favorite so far:  a simple recipe just requires a whisk and basic pantry ingredients and with regular milk without needing to buy a tub of yogurt / sour cream.

My real favorite muffins are actually are the “Farmers Market” brand muffins from Superstore.  I love their cake-like texture.  However I don’t like their size so big and the taste too sweet, and store bought stuff has always more chemicals and is more pricey.  So below are my “pretty good blueberry muffins” before I can replicate the Superstore muffins at home.

It’s quite low fat, and not very sweet.  I’m still willing to try new muffin recipes, so my search doesn’t stop here.

Blueberry muffins

Blueberry muffins


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