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Nothing from my kitchen is healthier than this:  homemade bread that does not have added chemical, that would have whole grain / nuts / dried fruits / whatever you like.

My husband never asked me to make anything particular, except once in a while he would say: Grace, it’s been a while since last raisin bread!

Yes, he only cares about raisin buns.  I feel guilty of not making any breads lately, thus today is the day to satisfy him.   Baking bread at home isn’t as hard as it sounds.  It’s time consuming because it takes time for the dough to rise, then you shape, then let it rise again before baking.  After trying out a few different recipes, I like the basic sweet dough recipe the most (from this Chinese baking book by Alex Goh):

With that recipe, I always make one loaf of raisin bread (only for him), and make a few small buns with various fillings to give away.  Today I am wrapping raisin and chestnut inside, then sprinkle some coconut and almond bits.

Raisin Chestnut Bun with Coconut almond top


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