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Last time I made lasagna must be more than 2 years ago..  I still remember back in more than 10 years ago, I made 3 pans of lasagna for a x’mas party.  I clumsily dropped one pan of lasagna onto the carpet when I transported the hot pans from kitchen to the car.  That was a terrible x’mas as I ended up washing and cleaning that spot (which is still visibly slight orange) in my living room everyday for a week.

This time, I want to make it as I am hosting a dinner for 9 ppl on my working day.  It’s a dish that you can prepare the sauce the day before so it takes only another hour to prepare all the cheese mixtures and assemble layers.  I think this time it has been the most successful lasagna I made, as I used diced tomatoes and tomato paste to make thicker and more flavored sauce.

Lasagna with spinach ricotta layer


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