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I originally wanted to make bacon mushroom cauliflower pasta for potluck yesterday.  I always think making pasta involves so much cleaning:  a big pot for cooking pasta, then another big wok to sautee all the ingredients, then a coriander to drain the pasta.   With bad time management between feeding the baby and preparing ingredients when party is starting within 30 minutes, I decided to switch my cooking project.  With the chopped mushroom, cauliflower florets and onion, I will just make a simple healthy thick soup that doesn’t need cream to increase the calories.

I ended up needing minimal detergent to wash stuff:  no oil on my chopping board / coriander.  I boiled broth / water in the pan which just cooked cauliflower and scraped down all the brown stuff from pan-roasting.  The liquid carried over to the soup pot is richer than just plain water and I’m left with a relatively clean pot that was easy to wash.  Yeppie!

The only bad thing was, when I turned on the immersion blender to puree the soup, I woke EVERYBODY up:  my husband who napped for only 10 minutes, and my 6 months old baby girl, and my toddler from their not too long naps.  The machine was simply too loud.  Oops!

I forgot to take picture of the soup itself.  The next day I used the thick cauliflower soup to make pasta (back to my original project:  pasta!)

All I needed was to fry some bacon, add some broccoli to the last 3 minutes of my cooking pasta, and extra herbs and salt.  What a healthy alternative to a can of mushroom!

Bacon Broccoli Pasta using Cauliflower Mushroom sauce

Bacon Broccoli Pasta using Cauliflower Mushroom sauce


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