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I froze the lobster heads and shells after cooking the whole lobster a few weeks ago.  Lobster bisque is always something I want to make, as it’s expensive to order at a restaurant.  Well, it’s a lot of work, and I think coming up with a recipe that I can follow is the hardest.  The 3 recipes I read are all so different, so I’m using my common cooking method: combining what I think would be the best.  Roasting the shells first really brings out the flavor.
I added a bit too much paprika / black pepper.  Thus the soup is a bit more spicy (which we don’t mind.. but for the sake of one of the guests, we should be more conservative with the spiciness.  If you follow this recipe, you should be very satisfied with the soup.  My friend who does not eat lobster actually licked the soup bowl clean.  The saddest part is, it’s actually quite a lot of work, to produce just 5 bowls of soup.  I may not make it again, but definitely it’s one of the best soup made in Grace’s Kitchen.

Creamy Lobster Bisque


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