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A lot of my friends posted their visits to the famous Earnest Ice Cream on Facebook this summer.  I always want to be one of them, but going to a crowded busy small ice cream parlour which only opens Thurs – Sunday noon-10pm is a difficult excursion for a mother of two young kids.  Finally last week, I sneaked out to do my hair, and god knows the hair salon is only 3 DOORS away from Earnest Ice Cream.  There were only 10 people in front of me that Saturday at 2 pm.  After I ordered, there were like 20 people behind me.  Gosh, but their ice cream is so heavenly.  The salted caramel ice cream stole the show (my other scoop was London Fog), it was sweet but it was incredibly velvety and creamy.  My husband is not an ice cream fan and hates crowds, so making him a homemade version is the only way to have him tasting the ‘uh, so good’ salted caramel ice cream.  This recipe was adapted from Epicurious and it’s the most highly rated top search recipe.  I read the reviews very carefully and had to make lots of alterations from the original recipe.  Plus I did screw up and scrambled the egg custard when I followed the ‘medium’ heat directions.  So following this adapted recipe should yield pretty good gourmet ice cream at home.  Oh, and I can finally make good use of the expensive Maldon salt that I didn’t have chance to use.  Eventhough I find this batch a tiny bit bitter due to over caramelization, but all my friends who tasted it and even my husband like it a lot because it’s not as sweet as the Earnest version and they don’t find it bitter at all.  My next task is to make their other famous flavor (London Fog) ice cream at home!!

See original :  Salted Caramel Ice Cream Recipe | Epicurious.com.

Salted Caramel Ice Cream (more…)

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This is my 100th post, let me pick a long lost recipe (not written anywhere, but vaguely in my memory) to blog.  It was introduced by an auntie 20 years ago.. so I wasn’t sure if I remembered the proportion right.  Then I made it again a few days ago, and thanks God it did set.  So the proportion was right.

Super Easy Mango Pudding


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