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I made this Pokeball Log cookies last year for my son’s birthday.  Then I continued to try a couple more other simple designs of log cookies using this beloved wooden box.

After 1 year, my son’s favorite is still Pokemon, which means another chance for me to improve on the cookies.  Last year cookies were more pink and brown, so I need color to be more bold.  This year I’m adding more food coloring (sorry kids) and it’s the right color I wanted finally !!    I used Dorie Greenspan’s cookie recipe this time instead.. and man.. it spreads after baking.  My cookies top and bottoms all stick to each other.  I won’t compensate next time by increasing baking temperature as I want 300 degrees only to maintain the color of the cookies rather than golden brown if baked at higher temperature.  So next time if I’m using this same recipe, I would definitely space the cookies at least 3 cm apart !!   Nevertheless, the cookies taste great and most importantly, the 6 yo kids probably didn’t notice those wrong color cookie crumbs at the border before they popped them in mouth.

Here I present, the cute PokeSquare cookies (again) :     COOL is the first word when my kids saw them in the kitchen.

IMG_0295 (more…)

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